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We're in the process of field testing our robots and looking for customers with the most interesting use-cases that help us battle-harden our hardware and software. We urge you to fill out this quick survey.

If your use-case suits our requirements, you'll get to trial our technology for free, and we'll work very closely with you and your team to customize our deployments for you and ensure that things run smoothly.
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How much payload does your use-case require? Please include the weight of any end-effectors you want to add.

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How soon can you be ready to deploy our robots?

How would you prefer to buy our robots?

If you had the option of leasing our robots instead of buying them and you're billed monthly, at what monthly USD price would you consider leasing them? (The lease will include free service and upgrade to newer hardware as it becomes available)

If you're going to deploy our robots in a production line, in how much time do you expect this line to be upgraded?

How many robots will you need?

Anything else you'd like to add?

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